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Today I told my team, the next 7 months will be the best we have ever seen. The magic is back Ink – we are travel media .

The month has been jam packed with events and travel, where do I begin? I started off by learning to make cocktails, another tick off the 100 list. Thanks Ed Enver DipPFS . And then headed for Asia, after two and a half years away from Singapore, I was back and had a chance to celebrate with the remaining members of my team, and also catch up with a few old colleagues. I was sad and happy at the same time. Sad we were so few left, and happy we had a chance to rebuild from this little acorn into a big f’ing tree. If 19 hours on a plane to avoid Russia wasn’t enough with a pit stop in HEL we flew over to Thailand for pampering, re-bonding and a learning adventure. What an amazing experience and I am so glad I got a chance to really show my appreciation for these wonderful humans. I clearly love Thai food. 7 Pad Thai’s and 6 Mango Sticky rice in three days is not bad going. It’s got to stop, the tailor made trousers I had made there, are tight already!

After three days at home, quick lunch in the British sunshine, I flew off to NY for meetings and strategy stuff. We won an award for comeback team of the year. Thanks Stagwell Then the magic really happened as I flew across the country to meet the ultimate coach Steve Hardison so I could prepare to take myself and my team to a whole new level. If that wasn’t enough – after my flights were cancelled and I spent the night in a horrible airport hotel, I took three flights so I could be in Paris and tick off the French Open bug! That’s all four majors done. And then saw the mighty Liverpool and Real Madrid duke it out. I wish I supported a better team! An incredible month of travel and adventure. A month of growth and learning about who I am about to become, and I think I like it. My 500th poem as The Motivational Poet was posted, have a look on Instagram there are plenty of nuggets there. Equanimity is finally published, and my promotion tour begins.

Phuket Cafe del Mar and Anantara Beach clubs, Raffles writers bar for a Penicillin – amazing curry, too much dim sum and too many visits to the IVY! I love their brunch.
Six countries, 11 flights and one Eurostar! June will be much quieter famous last words.

Lots of ups, and downs in play, I am focusing on the positive, that doesn’t mean than its all is rosy in the garden. It never is.

To those watching wait till you see Season 3, the script writers have been a bit crazy so far, but I know they got more fun in store. #love #teamculture #instagram #travelindustry #travel #growth #experience #learning #love #food

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