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August Roundup

August the slowest month of the year, so they say – not at ReachTV and Ink – we are travel media. We make magic happen whatever the month, whatever the season, whatever the economic climate. The world is in apparently in recession, and what you might have missed is record travel numbers, the highest daily numbers ever! Travel is booming and this Labour Day weekend will break every record. Come join the party. We have your customers.

We sent people backstage at Coldplay, we have teams in Costa Rica right now, teams went to Vegas, London and Singapore. Our new teams are bubbling and I am as excited as I have ever been to watch them grow and develop. I ate too many Pastel De Natas in Lisbon and saw the original Navigators. Had too much Guacamole in Cancun and despite being a holiday month for me, I still trained, learned and read four books. I was on 15, yes fifteen podcasts this month all available on
Some amazing nuggets, and Equanimity reached No 2 on Amazon. So proud my sons company  who sponsored the biggest ever influencer boxing event. Well done champ!

This was a fun month, we did our biggest ever deal, and from tomorrow until the end of the year it’s full steam ahead. You will see me all over America and Asia. Buckle up this shit is just about to get real. Cigars, rum, fun and a few keynote speeches, interviews and big big deals. #team #people #travel #amazon #london #media #equanimity -diary of a CEO in crisis.


July Roundup

Another month passes by. It’s July it’s slow, not much going on. Well that’s not true, it was our best performing month of the year. I managed 13 podcasts, two interviews, a few inspirational talks and some super lunches. So proud to see the Hilton sales team reading White Belt Thinking. Had lovely day at Wimbledon. Watched the England ladies do what they English men failed to do.

Saw Elton John live at Vicarage Road, smoked a few cigars and watched as Equanimity arrived all over the world. More Corners had a super launch party in our new cool London offices.
The travelling starts again soon.

All the podcasts are on if you are intrigued, interested or nosey.
A month getting the momentum back. Rock on August #sales #london #team


June Roundup

After an eventful five months it was nice to slow down the pace. The leadership team spent three days in a bunker planning the final seven months of 2022. The Marketplace to reach travellers was born. I was on seven podcasts ( and the book tour began in earnest. As soon as I started to wind down I got hit with covid, high blood pressure and fatigue. We had the best issues on one of our magazines ever, and finished Q2 on a high. The world is talking in a recession and Ink is not participating.

As I end the month, it’s been one of seeing old colleagues, great planning and time spent with nearly every member of my sales team. Great lunch with @the_fear_coach and best Father’s Day ever.

We are ready to rock and roll @inkglobal #relax #calm #getready



Today I told my team, the next 7 months will be the best we have ever seen. The magic is back Ink – we are travel media .

The month has been jam packed with events and travel, where do I begin? I started off by learning to make cocktails, another tick off the 100 list. Thanks Ed Enver DipPFS . And then headed for Asia, after two and a half years away from Singapore, I was back and had a chance to celebrate with the remaining members of my team, and also catch up with a few old colleagues. I was sad and happy at the same time. Sad we were so few left, and happy we had a chance to rebuild from this little acorn into a big f’ing tree. If 19 hours on a plane to avoid Russia wasn’t enough with a pit stop in HEL we flew over to Thailand for pampering, re-bonding and a learning adventure. What an amazing experience and I am so glad I got a chance to really show my appreciation for these wonderful humans. I clearly love Thai food. 7 Pad Thai’s and 6 Mango Sticky rice in three days is not bad going. It’s got to stop, the tailor made trousers I had made there, are tight already!

After three days at home, quick lunch in the British sunshine, I flew off to NY for meetings and strategy stuff. We won an award for comeback team of the year. Thanks Stagwell Then the magic really happened as I flew across the country to meet the ultimate coach Steve Hardison so I could prepare to take myself and my team to a whole new level. If that wasn’t enough – after my flights were cancelled and I spent the night in a horrible airport hotel, I took three flights so I could be in Paris and tick off the French Open bug! That’s all four majors done. And then saw the mighty Liverpool and Real Madrid duke it out. I wish I supported a better team! An incredible month of travel and adventure. A month of growth and learning about who I am about to become, and I think I like it. My 500th poem as The Motivational Poet was posted, have a look on Instagram there are plenty of nuggets there. Equanimity is finally published, and my promotion tour begins.

Phuket Cafe del Mar and Anantara Beach clubs, Raffles writers bar for a Penicillin – amazing curry, too much dim sum and too many visits to the IVY! I love their brunch.
Six countries, 11 flights and one Eurostar! June will be much quieter famous last words.

Lots of ups, and downs in play, I am focusing on the positive, that doesn’t mean than its all is rosy in the garden. It never is.

To those watching wait till you see Season 3, the script writers have been a bit crazy so far, but I know they got more fun in store. #love #teamculture #instagram #travelindustry #travel #growth #experience #learning #love #food


After eight weeks away

After eight weeks away, I’ve finally landed home in London. I promised myself and my teams that 2022 will be the greatest year for all of us. In order to show the way, I will demonstrate what living to the max looks like. I will remain accountable and will stick to the commitment I made to myself and my team. 31 days of the 365 days this year are gone, I didn’t waste many of them. How about you?

So lets see how it panned out, I woke up on New Year’s Day in Mexico, what a way to start the year, sparkly sand and a bloody Mary cart that just wouldn’t leave me alone. From there I went to Scottsdale where my son and I drove ATVs, shot machine guns and enjoyed the most wonderful food. I popped over to Vegas and had a superb lunch with Chris ‘the greatest negotiator’ Voss. I had brilliant conversations with Sanyika Street, Dan Clark, Coach Micheal Burt, Lucas Jadin and Anthony Riccardi that left me feeling inspired and we talked about how we can work closer together on projects. It’s so nice to be able to hang out with such smart cookies. I secured tickets for the World cup final in Qatar for my family, the biggest task in my letter to my future self.

Miami became my temporary home for the month. I discovered the Turks and Caicos, a new happy place. Playing golf, sailing and even discovered how to play craps. It was a moment to think and brainstorm. Never seen blue waters quite like it. We took 30 people to the Pegasus Cup and watched amazing horse-racing, when Life is Good won the main event, I ended the day in the money, and then the Bengals increased my pot. I love winning.

I published two books, a poetry book Feel Good by themotivationalpoet and White Belt Thinking which is available at Amazon. I was lucky to talk about them on three amazing podcasts interviews, thanks Entrepreneurs on Fire, Media Masters and The All-in CEO. Smoked a few cigars, didn’t drink too much, ate healthier and trained 22 times. Thanks to Kien Vuu and Wade Foster for keeping me accountable. We completed our first deal of the year, with an investment into PlayersTV, an athlete owned media company. My goal is to do one a month.

It wasn’t all sunshine and roses, I missed my sons first professional football game and we actually had a poor commercial month however we definitely sowed the seeds for amazing things to happen in February and beyond.

See you in 28 days for another update and it will be just as full to brim. Here’s something to think about, each day, do we get one more day or do we have one day less to live? Whichever it is, please don’t waste them. PEACE AND LOVE.


Another 31 days passed us by

Another 31 days passed us by that’s 90 days gone. I’m not sure if I used them well, I did see the frigging pyramids, haggled in the souk and took a horse and cart through the streets of Cairo. Cruised down the Nile with a Cigar in my mouth. 

The @fourseason Cairo was lovely. Spent the weekend at @champneysspas seems to have gone down hill. Had a lovely breakfast on the beach with my uncle and my mummy on Mother’s Day. I finished my book in the beautiful library in NY loved being back in our offices in the World Trade Centre and enjoyed a lovely night in Miami with @jeremyleeminer, the view from @juviamiami is hard to beat. @timstoreyofficial made his first tv show in our studio.

We closed deals to take over the travel journey, the Wi-Fi at airports with our friends at Boingo, @reachtvnetwork is now powering Sport24 showing live sport on the planes and ships around the world. We became the home of live sport in travel, can’t wait to see our media in motion. We are now the proud owners of @businesstraveler_usa and I can’t wait to bring that brand the kudos it deserves in print and on TV. And I am very close to two more deals. Stayed married for 25 years that’s a major milestone. Finally finished Equanimity the book and started recording the podcast if you want to appear as a guest just holler!

I guess it wasn’t a terrible month, just wished I’d achieved a bit more.
See you at the end of April. #diarysofaceoincrisis 


Another 28 days has passed us by

Another 28 days has passed us by. What have you achieved in your first 59 days. How many resolutions have you broken already? I’m not happy with my own February performance, probably because my body doesn’t know what time zone it’s in. I crossed the Atlantic four times, I have not seen airports this busy ever, even pre the pandemedia can’t wait for travel to return.

I got to pop over to Los Angeles and was lucky enough to see the Rams win the home Super Bowl with a Navy Seal and a half time show they will talk about for many moons.

I have reversed my diabetes in less than 60 days!!! The health show is starting to move forward. Guess going to the gym every morning is working, who knew!

I had a romantic Valentines dinner with Tim Storey while Piers Morgan watched on. I bumped into Cameron Diaz at the Beverly Hills Hotel and joked with Michael Mcintyre. Another month of hanging out with people better than me, and learning wise lessons from each of them and throughout 2022 I will find ways to thank every person that helped me through the last two years turnaround.

I did a two day masterclass with Dan Clark learning how to craft better stories, how to improve my message to you all. I watched Steven Bartlett do his thing at the London palladium – life is about the memories we create. I did a few more podcasts, saw TIESTO and 50 pence close up and our brand new ReachTV studio opened for business in Miami with major chefs and celebrities gracing it’s stage. So proud we made this happen against the odds. Oh and we agreed two more deals! Growing again makes me so happy.

It wasn’t all sunshine and unicorns, we had more battles than we had days and I was reminded Karma is funny thing. Sometimes what others think as bad news is just news and noise. Yesterday American lost my luggage and Hertz put me on the do not rent list! Who is writing the script to my life and can they get off the psychedelics.

We have to remember every good month is filled with challenges, this months we had too many. Sending peace and love to all those in Ukraine and let’s hope the world does the right thing. #business #travel #health #airports #writing #writinglife #people #brand #reachtv 


As we bounce back into 2022

As we bounce back into 2022 I remain grateful to all those that supported me through the last two years. Every time I had a difficult conversation or negotiation I would ask myself what would Christopher Voss do. Got a chance to say thank you in person today. PTG – is something to explore – post traumatic growth – definitely want to suffer from that! Looking forward to many interesting projects together – watch this space. Ink – we are travel media ReachTV thanks to Ken Rutkowski for making magic happen. #negotiation #sales #magic #media #travel #thankyou #projects #grateful #neversplitthedifference



2021 – 365 battles fought, some days just getting out of bed was a battle. Recorded a few good wins and suffered some losses (Rest in Paradise). On 23rd of December in the US more people flew than in 2019. The trend continues 14m flew this past week, and even with this variant the celebrations and world will continue – this too will also pass.

Wait til you read about the last two years. I can’t even believe so much of this happened. I want to thank everyone who helped me through. Those who constantly checked in and kept me sane. I appreciate and am very grateful to you all.

Despite another year of pandemedia we managed to do lots of deals, made a couple of acquisitions and actually made a small profit. I cannot wait for what we will have to overcome in 2022.

Whatever it is, we will do it while smiling, being optimistic, cheerful, full of faith and positivity. Thank you to all Inkers, ReachTVers, the Stagwell Group and my colleagues and family for putting up with me.

We spend our life sacrificing our health to build our wealth and then spend our wealth to get our health back – that’s my mission for 2022.

Three books in January will surprise you – this is a very early cover of one.

#thankyou #healthVwealth #sales #salesbooks Ink – we are travel media ReachTV Beam Jabbrrbox Urbaniser Together Group Connect Management Ltd Stagwell


It’s humbling for a boy who didn’t go to university

It’s humbling for a boy who didn’t go to university to be asked to talk about SALES to those choosing to study the subject. There is not enough real sales training in the education system or on business courses. Nothing in life happens until someone sells something. Thank you to Professor Csaba Csetenyi for the invitation and hospitality. To the twenty-one students I hope I left you better than I found you. I also hope the Ink – we are travel media story inspired you

Please do keep in touch and tell me how your sales career pans out. And I hope you remain successfull vs success empty.

 Daniella Dominika Horvath  #salesislife #lifeinsales