What do we need to change?
March 30, 2020

We didn’t choose these circumstances; we are choosing how we respond to them. It’s my second week working from my new office, the kids are screaming at the wife, exercise is giving me neck pains. Zoom after zoom call, catching up with people who I don’t normally have time to chat with. I want to bring inspiration to my teams and I get to inspire myself.

The message from around the world is confusing, different and totally inconsistent instructions. No one seems to know the right thing to do. The virus is real and there is no point debating how many would have, could have or comparing it to other diseases or car crashes. Its vicious and acts quickly. This is a much bigger problem than just Ink or the travel industry.

All I know is when this passes, myself and my team will be ready to take on the world, to embrace whatever the new normal looks like. And to be honest every day it becomes un-clearer what that could be. All I know is I have the best sales team on the planet, and they will sell the best products, whatever they are.

I get my energy from my people, I get my energy from doing stuff. So, this energy is different and unnatural. Yet I believe its helping to shape me to think differently and helping my teams to reset and rebalance themselves.

Whenever we emerge, we wont just fall back into the old way of doing and thinking, I do hope that the world thinks more about this type of existence. Simple and caring. Our business has been built on caring for our people, on showing them how to grow and develop and I will not stop in my purpose in making every single one of them better.

I’m not sure if this is helpful to you reading, but it’s been cathartic for me to put this down.

It’s a perfect time for us all to work out what we want to do together. Who we want to work with, and what we can do in unity without battling each other to win?

Anyone want to join us, any companies want to join forces? This is the time.

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