The man in the arena
March 10, 2021

I’ve been a bit quiet for six weeks, mainly because I have been lucky enough to spend it in a US state where the world seemed normal, where I heard the words, sorry our hotel is over sold and we have no tables tonight at multiple restaurants. Yes people were wearing masks, yes testing was happening regularly, yet the market continued regardless.

What really has it been like to run a travel business so far in 2021? Its been mad to watch. My clients, the airlines, have issued more debt than their market cap and their share prices just continue to rise. My staff are leaving in search of better opportunities and only time will tell if they jumped too early or were wise. The break up – it’s not you, it’s me – letter has become a daily occurrence. These were not just employees but part of my extended family, these colleagues have been with me for multiple years and it’s sad to see them go at a time, when if I believe all the narrative, things are on the way back. We have had false positive covid tests (spell check needs updating as it doesn’t think covid is a word – Microsoft take note) that have unsettled out our employees and cost us multiple weeks of work. The negative reviews have started again, seriously kicking us while wounded is just a beautiful addition to the turbulence. Listen genius’, of course we don’t know what we are doing, of course things are tight, we haven’t had any revenues for nearly a year. These holier than thou tripe reviews make me laugh. Who do you think you are hurting? We can’t be any more hurt as a corporation. And while we are being attacked from all angles, including from people who call themselves friends while helping themselves to some of our longstanding employees, yes, it’s real fun being an employer (you should get in the arena and try it sometime) we fight on. You can turn your back on us if you want, in the words of Roosevelt, it’s not the critic that counts.

We can all be victims. But I prefer to strive to be a hero. Let me tell you that despite all the challenges, we are hiring future success stories to grow our US television network and digital platforms. We are looking at multiple acquisitions, takeovers and seeing messaging from every travel trade press about the pent up demand. It is ridiculously high and if you take Miami as an example its already here. The medical community are predicting April/May time as a period of bounce back, grandparents are feeling confident again to take flights now they have been jabbed by AstraZeneca.

Forward bookings and search on our new platforms are off the Richter scale and airport numbers in the US are back over a million daily visitors. We have launched new platforms for all our clients in Asia and many in Europe. The market is turning and if the stock markets, crypto and everything else is getting too rich for you, it’s time to look at the rebound that is about to happen.

Why would you want to target travellers?

Because they spend regardless, where else would you pay $32 for a burger with no meat in it, pay ten times the price for fish that is uncooked, and hire a boat, car, buy clothes that at home you would never entertain. This is the traveller mindset, no regard for what things cost, but what value they add to ones Instagramable life. Memories that they will look back on, while they pay off the debt mountain they accumulate while enjoying sunning, skiing or just hanging out with friends and family. This has been and always will be a desirable audience, with much more disposable income than the average stay at home human. And after the last 52 weeks two weeks escape from reality is just the ticket.

We are seeing advertisers who left us to TRY other media coming back, last night even an old advertiser returned with his tail between his legs asking if we could dance again. What are you waiting for? If you need data, if you need social proof, if you need me to come round and take you on journey, let me know. The world is about to start moving again and we have the audience your brand needs. Don’t wait ‘til it’s too late and we don’t have room for you, get in now before all the beach chairs are taken, just like they were at Miami Beach House last weekend.

If you wanna bet on something, bet on travellers, it’s been good to me and very soon it’s going to be good for your business too.

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