The Benjamin Button Business Model
March 10, 2021

I think I am going to start a new category of business, it’s called the Benjamin Button Business model. You start with a market leading $150 million media business and over fourteen months, it turns into an exciting start up.

I am so ready to start again, to find the opportunity in every problem. To not be hamstrung by my old model, not to be upset by employees who seem oblivious to our commercial reality and I refuse to be disappointed by the lack of support to the travel industry from the leaders of the free world. I am not going to moan about the current business or the market conditions, or how great I was in the past, I am going to focus on the new Ink, the new enterprise, my new and loyal employees, to see everything with new eyes that are opportunistic, optimistic and ready to grow again. I am going to create new relationships, while finding fresh and exciting ways to look after old clients, that will make both of us money. I am going to give more opportunity to more employees to be the best versions of themselves, it’s always been “not how good they are” but “how good they can be”. I am going to change people’s lives for the better, I am going to make my clients more money, I am going to uncover more talent and give them a platform to shine. I’m going to help thousands of companies to grow fast.

Over the next few weeks we will unveil a new set of media, I will transform my offices from what they were to hubs of motivation, hubs of creativity and everyone in our business will have a start-up mindset. I am so proud to support many up and coming businesses to help them with our knowledges, experience and ability to find a way, even when it seems impossible.

I also want to use this platform to apologise to everybody who is disappointed in us, to everyone we said goodbye to over the past year and a bit. To all those people, I wish you nothing but the best things in life, and hope you will all come back and see the NEW INK. Please stay curious, please remember the lessons we learned through lockdown and please, please be kinder than necessary.

This week I was blessed to receive calls and motivation from some of the nicest humans and I am so grateful to you for all your support during this period and I genuinely cannot wait to repay you for your guidance, listening and inspiration. And helping me to see so clearly and be more excited than I have ever been.

Watch this space. In the words of Benjamin Button, Life can only be understood looking backward. It must be lived forward.

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