The Affluence of Winter Travellers
January 8, 2016

When you think about winter travels – your mind may conjure up a blissful image of log cabins, a snowy mountaintop, a chairlift and some après ski – or you may imagine golden beaches, swaying palm trees and the hot hot sun.

Whichever you have in mind, the next few weeks will see million and millions of people splashing out to book tickets and holidays to escape to (or away from) the cold of winter. Statistically January and February are the busiest months of the year to book that dreamy get away.

So just who are these people that pay the top Dollar/Pound/Euro/Yen to get their luxurious dream? We did some research recently around our American titles and found out some interesting things:

United Airlines Hemispheres Magazine readers has the leading median household income in print of any large scale magazine today! That’s a huge 21% higher than Conde Nast Traveler readers, 36% higher than Travel+Leisure readers, and a whopping 103% higher than National Geographic Traveler magazine.

Nearly a quarter of American Way Magazine readers on American Airlines are millionaire households; that’s around 3 ¼-times the usual!

Hemispheres readers are more than 5 ¼ -times the U.S. norm for having any hotel stays at an upscale hotel.

More than one-third of United Airlines Hemispheres Magazine readers are what we call “Active Adventurers” and that is 56% above the norm.

We have some serious money out there engaging in our content and the 1st quarter is the time that they buy the holidays. There is nothing like a cold snap in Europe or on the East Coast of American to get people jumping towards a holiday!

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