Thanksgiving is American’s biggest holiday…
November 25, 2015

The key aviation industry bodies in the USA are projecting that 25.3 million passengers will travel globally on USA airlines in the next few days of Thanksgiving. This is up around 3% on recent years and showing the strength of the aviation market today.

To have your brands in the November or December editions of our magazines means that you will be seen by an unprecedented number of passengers who are sitting back, relaxing and dreaming of holidays and gifts.

Ink works with 2 of the biggest airlines in the USA – American Airlines and United and this holiday period sees them adding extra capacity in the form of larger planes, additional routes and staffing up the hilt to look after the EXTRA 65,000 daily passengers that travel on a USA airline plane at this time. In fact, at its peak, it’s expected that 2.7 million people will fly in just one day on the 29th November with Chicago O’Hare and LAX being the busiest hubs in the USA.

American carried 198 Million passengers in 2014 and recently United’s First and business class travellers magazine: Rhapsody was named as having the “most affluent audience in print”.

Travelling inspires people and removes them from the distractions of their everyday routine. This is the perfect moment for brands to reach and engage with their audience when they have the time, focus and mind-set to respond.

With Ink’s media we can connect your brand to 656 million passengers around the globe and we can do this at every step of their journey.

Put your brand at the heart of that journey and tap into a connected dialogue.

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