Talk the talk and walk the walk
August 30, 2017

How many companies today actually talk the talk and walk the walk? We hear about organizations giving back, the rise of CSR and the fashion of stimulating staff to be responsible citizens, so it may well be in the mind of businesses, but is it actually in their heart?

I’m proud to say that at Ink both our minds and heart are beating loudly. Now I want to shout about it too.

At the core of Ink’s business there are two strong deeply held beliefs:

  1. Our storytelling must always inspire and enlighten people across the globe to discover the wonders that travel can bring.
  2. We will always instil a culture amongst all of our colleagues that we must give back to the societies and communities that we find ourselves in.

Today marks the day when 9 colleagues from 3 of our offices around the world undertake a profound and personal journey to learn and help others as they walk through the Sahara desert in Morocco to raise funds for SOS Children’s Villages. The equivalent of 2 marathons across the baking hot sands akin to a lunar landscape where they will battle the extreme heat during the day, sub-zero temperatures at night, exhaustion, severe blisters, torn muscles, killer camels and, worst of all – no access to email. I know; because I did it last year. And I’m proud that “we” are doing it again. Only this time, the team will be perfectly kitted out by one of our wonderful advertisers Rhone who have sent us the most amazing, high performing and technologically advanced activewear shirts – Perfect suited and designed for the climate. So cool it’s in many ways and great to be extending this positive circle out to more people, companies and sponsors.

Not only will vital funds be raised for this very worthy charity, our teams will share their pains, pleasure and euphoria that this experience will bring, safe in the knowledge that their life-changing experience will positively change the lives of others too. What could be better? And before you ask, no this is not on their holiday time – it’s on our ticket and I’m proud of every one of them.

For more information on the charity and to give to this cause – please click here: Justgiving

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