Summer is our season – and it will break world records
May 31, 2017

Question: what do the world’s biggest airlines, ice cream manufacturers and Mungo Jerry’s accountants have in common? Answer: they all love the summertime. Me too.

Summer 2017 is probably going to be the busiest travel season on record, with more people than ever jetting off to discover somewhere exotic, romantic or just returning to a much-loved beach or pool location. Wizz and Eurowings have been characteristically bold in the number of new routes they’ve unveiled, while Norwegian is revolutionising the long haul market; offering the US, Caribbean and Asia at staggeringly low prices. easyJet will dominate the Ibiza market while United and American will transport millions of people each week– to the point where the Department of Homeland Security has had to draft in 2,000 new officers to help process the unprecedented numbers.

But what do they all have in common?

All these extra passengers will be looking for guidance on the best places to eat, sleep and drink, not to mention inspiration as to where to book for their next trip… It’s the “Spend Spend Spend” time of year.

Europe spent an average of €279bn on holidays last year, while each US household would have to pay $1,250 more in taxes without the revenue generated by travel and tourism.

So where do we fit in?

We inspire travellers to explore new locations around the globe. We guide them towards the hot spots to hang out in and the newest hotels to stay in. We help them choose the latest perfumes and even purchase a new 2nd home. We lead them to new products and services; and we motivate people to book another trip.

That’s why we are beyond excited at seeing the annual exodus of Europeans and mass departure of holidaying Americans, all off to somewhere fresh and untouched, be it Cuba, Romania, the UK or Paris.

Full American planes will be travelling south to Mexico & the Caribbean, while the adventurous will be crossing the Atlantic for (VERY GOOD VALUE) shopping, eating and old-world cultural wonderments as the dollar reaches new strengths.

The amazing thing about summer is that vacations transport people out of their normal modes of behaviour. They won’t be commuting into work, so they won’t be listening to the radio or reading their daily newspaper. Must-see TV programmes will be recorded to watch later (and the ads fast-forwarded). Less time on mobiles and laptops means that digital will be wasted. Instead, huge numbers of these people will be jetting off to their chosen holiday destination.

Of course, being out of the day-to-day loop of behaviour also gives people time to stop and reflect, to think what they really want next. Whether that’s a new job, new house, new car, new nose…this is the time when the gods laugh, the sun shines and people plan… why not make inflight part of your marketing mix?

If you want to start sowing the seeds of awareness among your new, highly affluent customers, just remember they will almost certainly be boarding a plane over the next 12 weeks, all ready to melt their credit cards in the white hot heat of summer consumerism.

The world loves the summer, and your brand deserves to be in the hands of your ideal consumer… see what I did there?

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