September Roundup
November 1, 2022

Another rollercoaster month, so many highlights, three outstanding keynote talks, helped start 13 new companies with Babson College and Project10K kudos to Jared Yellin for the vision, had an amazing feedback on White Belt Thinking and seven wonderful podcast conversations. Eight flights, three countries and so many incredible new things are bubbling.

Started on September 1 doing the Press Gazettes podcast, great interview, script writers having fun again…. They deleted it by accident. Six more interviews followed…. Be back in the studio in October to re-record. Then took off for Miami to see the team and instil the Q4 spirit early, a cracking commercial month with many new brands joining the Travel media bandwagon. So many big performances from across the business. We sold so many adverts so more people can get free Wi-Fi at the airport and inflight, it was very exciting to use the service multiple times this month – free wifi on planes is becoming the norm – thanks to the team at Ink – we are travel media/ReachTV. I had tea in Washington, had the most amazing time in Tulum with two terrific talks including an exceptional entrepreneurial group on the beach, and left them better than I found them. Tulum continues to develop itself and the new Hilton and Conrad are exceptional.

Smoked a few cigars, mostly Davidoff’s Winston Churchill The Late Hour. Played tennis on centre court and finished second again. We opened a new office in Kuala Lumpur.
Spent three wonderful days with Sanyika “The Firestarter” Street and he kicked me up the butt. All our offices are ready and primed to help as many customers as we can finish 2022 strong, before the recession starts in 2023 (by the way we are not participating). Dodged Hurricane Ian and ended up home sick in bed, what a way to finish off a tremendous month of watching people grow, develop and care about what they do. As I look into the future, I am excited by what’s coming next. Teams had fun in Mallorca celebrating a record issue. Good luck to my teams running the London Marathon this weekend, I am super proud of all of you.

To round off September I want to share a project that I have been working on in the background with one of my favourite artists Anthony Ricciardi, he loved my poems so much he turned them into a piece of art. Anthony you are an unreal human, a proper kindred spirit and one lives good ones. I appreciate you to Canada and back. We will auction this piece off for homeless charities – get in touch if you want to bid. #sales #kudos #thankyou #team

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