One more loss closer to a win!
August 28, 2023

First month down in football. Well that’s not the script we crafted. Definitely been a steep learning curve.

I reminded myself of how life in business began. Rejection after rejection and how difficult it was to sell this start up airline called easyJet - we know how that ended up.

The road to success doesn’t always go to plan, and doubt and problems are all part of the plan and a healthy reminder we are on the right path. I’m writing this for me, to remind myself of the journey we are on. The commitment we made to all our players and coaches.

I’m incredibly positive and encouraged by how much we have achieved and quality of football we continue to play, even if the results are not going our way. We will get it right, that I have no doubt!

Thank you to all the superb fans, many who I sang with today. To the sponsors, our partners for everything they are doing to support our teams. We are not a one team club, and all the other teams are about to start their journeys.

And I know all of this will make a much better story.

Please check in, in a months time and I will tell you what more we have achieved.

#upthesports #grassrootsfootball #sponsorship #belief #successisdrivenbybelief

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