May Roundup
June 27, 2022

Another 28 days has passed us by. What have you achieved in your first 59 days. How many resolutions have you broken already? I’m not happy with my own February performance, probably because my body doesn’t know what time zone it’s in. I crossed the Atlantic four times, I have not seen airports this busy ever, even pre the pandemedia can’t wait for travel to return.

I got to pop over to Los Angeles and was lucky enough to see the Rams win the home Super Bowl with a Navy Seal and a half time show they will talk about for many moons.

I have reversed my diabetes in less than 60 days!!! The health show is starting to move forward. Guess going to the gym every morning is working, who knew!

I had a romantic Valentines dinner with Tim Storey while Piers Morgan watched on. I bumped into Cameron Diaz at the Beverly Hills Hotel and joked with Michael Mcintyre. Another month of hanging out with people better than me, and learning wise lessons from each of them and throughout 2022 I will find ways to thank every person that helped me through the last two years turnaround.

I did a two day masterclass with Dan Clark learning how to craft better stories, how to improve my message to you all. I watched Steven Bartlett do his thing at the London palladium – life is about the memories we create. I did a few more podcasts, saw TIESTO and 50 pence close up and our brand new ReachTV studio opened for business in Miami with major chefs and celebrities gracing it’s stage. So proud we made this happen against the odds. Oh and we agreed two more deals! Growing again makes me so happy.

It wasn’t all sunshine and unicorns, we had more battles than we had days and I was reminded Karma is funny thing. Sometimes what others think as bad news is just news and noise. Yesterday American lost my luggage and Hertz put me on the do not rent list! Who is writing the script to my life and can they get off the psychedelics.

We have to remember every good month is filled with challenges, this months we had too many. Sending peace and love to all those in Ukraine and let’s hope the world does the right thing. #business #travel #health #airports #writing #writinglife #people #brand #reachtv

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