July Roundup
August 2, 2022

Another month passes by. It’s July it’s slow, not much going on. Well that’s not true, it was our best performing month of the year. I managed 13 podcasts, two interviews, a few inspirational talks and some super lunches. So proud to see the Hilton sales team reading White Belt Thinking. Had lovely day at Wimbledon. Watched the England ladies do what they English men failed to do.

Saw Elton John live at Vicarage Road, smoked a few cigars and watched as Equanimity arrived all over the world. More Corners had a super launch party in our new cool London offices.
The travelling starts again soon.

All the podcasts are on luckyleslie.com/podcasts if you are intrigued, interested or nosey.
A month getting the momentum back. Rock on August #sales #london #team

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