How we’re sparking a socially connected dialogue with United passengers
August 6, 2015

Since January, we have been running a social media programme with United Hemispheres Magazine. The premise is disarmingly simple: each month, the editor invites readers to take a picture with the magazine and share it on social media using #Hemigram. The next month, we then publish our favourites – there are currently no incentives beyond the simple opportunity to feature in the magazine. Over the months our interactions have been snowballing: you can see all of the #Hemigrams to date if you click here.

Thanks to the power of social media, I can share with you some incredibly powerful and human insights about the audience of millions of passengers that get on a plane every day.

Our #Hemigram page will be seen by over 35 million passengers in Q4 this year, and I can’t wait to see the new stories that the coming months will bring. The sharing and brand advocacy of our hundreds of readers have extended our magazine’s reach in that most sought after Marketing channel: Word of Mouth.

Each of the #Hemigram posters, unbidden, tell us about their great trip, their favorite articles in the magazine, or why they’re traveling. They do this to make their post more interesting to the editor and to the thousands of friends and followers that they’re sharing with, but it also gives us unique insights as we continually improve our magazine content to engage and excite our diverse readership.

The #Hemigram campaign is our golden ticket to audience engagement and brand advocacy, reaching affluent United passengers, the most valuable audience in print.

This of course is all still work in progress; we continue to develop the #Hemigram concept with the goal of reaching even higher levels of engagement. Inspired? I’m always looking for new ideas or proposals, so get in touch if you would like to join us on this journey…

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