How valuable is the traveller to your business?
April 2, 2021

I thought it would be useful to highlight the value of this wonderful audience, that Ink have had the pleasure of inspiring over the last twenty-six years. Working in association with the brains at Gap in the Matrix we have identified why this breed consumer is more valuable to your brand, today more than ever. As the world gears up to reopen, the magic of travel is going to rebound in way the world has never seen before. I have been lucky to witness some of this in Miami, where hotels, restaurants and attractions are FULL.

The Covid aftermath

This concept will be driven by the psychological condition of scarcity. How the condition works is simple. When faced with the loss of something, it becomes the dominant object in our mind and it dramatically alters our mental health.

Lose your job and income : You become very aware of what you cannot do and you see what others can do, can be, can go and can enjoy.

A relationship break up: You become very aware of everyone else around you being happy, in love and needed.

In both circumstances it causes you to both lose belief in yourself, in life and the sense of loss experienced is much like grief and trauma.

Covid has left social interaction scarce and our ability to literally move and feel free, especially in Europe and Asia, has been diminished so deeply versus what normally is, a can do, to a YOU MUST NOT do.

This double edged sword of restrictive social interaction and movement rules has created an even deeper-routed feeling of scarcity. Normally scarcity allows us to find a new job or a new relationships, with Covid scarcity we haven’t been able to see friends or well, go most places, it’s deeper, more controlled.

As we move forward the sense of freedom, hope and seeing other people is going to be extra special! Travel is about life, freedom, can do, can be. After a year and a bit of restrictions, the revenge travelling is about to begin. The booking patterns have changed and demand is going through the roof. That is why you have to act now.

The Traveller power play

The value of a traveller is going to be super strong for the next12-24 months once lock down lifts, perhaps even longer.

This is because it represents control of one’s life, what we can do and we will all be much more open to new experiences, new products, and new things throughout our journey’s from work, to holiday and all the steps in between.

We will want to stamp our feet around in a literal uncontrollable outburst of emotion like a psychological toddler fit, driven by can do and fun!

Our bucket lists and being grateful for the old freedoms we have back under our control will manifest us doing and consuming more.

It’s a purpose driven advertising dreamland. Travel has always been purpose driven but it has also traditionally it’s been the same marketing that the traveller would be exposed to sitting on their butt at home. It has never made sense and now is the time for positive change and take full advantage of this significant gap. It’s now time to get your message in front of them, they are both creatures of habit and also open to new adventures. It’s your time to inspire them to come to your destination, venue or attraction, after all the usual hangouts maybe closed.

The power play here is one of advertising based on being purpose driven, the travellers purpose and the emotions that they crave.

At Ink we know what travellers want. When they want it.

But most importantly we know when they are open to new experiences, at the right time, in what medium, the most impactful campaign strategy and where they will be in the world when that zone of temptation is more open.

The continuity of movement

It’s safe to say that once we all feel safe, we will all desperately want to return to a semblance of our personal normal. Even if it’s a new normal

But to get to that normal we will run rampant with a burst of fun, doing, getting up to a little bit of mischief, you know… living a little, being human!

Holiday bookings are already up, there have been some people with a happy trigger finger booking international travel, but the floodgates will truly open as each individual global market allows its citizens to visit other countries.

The key to advertising to any market is one of continuity. Omnichannel

Every brand wants to understand it’s customer but it misses the context of how we think as consumers, how persuasion and influence works in the brain and above all else the experience needed to convince and convert customers consistently; Continuity!

Facebook click thru rate is 1.61% Google display click thru rate is 1.91% Programmatic (stalker ads) click thru rate is 0.35%

Put another way 98.81% of adverts in our digital economy do not get interacted with. They are ignored as they are repeatedly irrelevant to the viewer and become mere background noise, thats if they get past the ad blocker. That’s spend which is being wasted on $265 billions dollars and 4.832 trillion ads!

What we know is the difference between the digital economy and real life. We have digital experts, we have a team focused on getting you better results than the above average.

One has to be relevant to the mindset of the person we are speaking to and that is the continuity we hold.

We can address any consumer with continuity from seat to check in, lounge to flight, hotel to home because we know where they are going, when, who they are and what they want.

We go with the traveller step by step to support, influence and persuade them BUT only by knowing what they want. It’s the knowing part that allows us to destroy the irrelevance of 98.81% of adverts and instead make it an experience that adapts as the person moves through their journey, literally.

The mindset of movement

You would speak to someone differently knowing they were in work mode vs life mode wouldn’t you?

One of the biggest points of failures of advertising is one of context.

Who wants to be sent adverts about cocktails when they are sitting in the office on a Monday morning?

Marketing is expensive and you wouldn’t do it in person, so why do we do it digitally?

Who wants to have the fear of god cyber insurance pitched to them whilst chilling on a Saturday afternoon with a beer?

You simply wouldn’t give a hoot.

Life and work is all about mindset and the human brain conveniently separates and compartmentalises the emotions associated with both.

We humans make more than 35,000 decisions a day and the best message is easily rejected if it’s received at the wrong moment. It’s practical, We ate lunch at noon, we aren’t hungry at 2pm so don’t pitch us food!

The joy Ink holds is the power of knowing where someone is, why and under which context of life or work.

It allows us to address the reasons why someone is in motion and what is going on for them from laptop to lounge to flight to laptop again.

When travelling for life, knowing what people are most open to really changes the game for them and you.

Knowing who that person is, why they are travelling, their current emotional state and their preferences for products, services and experiences really, truly, deeply makes it a moment in time opportunity to speak to them based on their needs in that moment.

They say travel expands the mind and it’s true. When we are in motion and travelling our mindset is much more open to ‘new’, things, ideas, to be persuaded but the context has to be right.

We know the context of life and work, and we can help you know it too.

The focused attention and conclusion

If you got to here, you have amazing attention span. Did you know how long it takes the average person to check their phones once the 9pm movie starts?

43 seconds! We won’t even wait 5 seconds for content to load, we have never been more impatient. We want deliveries today, we want everything now! It’s a hectic, addicted world we live in and grabbing any consumers attention is hard in the day to day world.

This is massively disruptive when we travel. Unlike the distractions of phones, life, people, the sensory deprivation is much more contained when we travel.

What we are left with is a person, relatively at peace as they have less devices, less things fighting for their attention and what is left is a much stronger bond to the content you serve because it has their attention.

This is where we know that purpose driven content wins the battle to turn attention into focused attention.

Consider how you would react if when you settled at an airport excited about your journey, or on a plane and in the mood to relax. You are served with content that inspires, with articles that touch your need for your type of news and adverts that enforce that positive personal outcome.

Personalisation of travel comes with focus, yours, mine, it’s personal. We know how to leverage the most unique contained focus around.

Stop wasting your money on ineffective campaigns, talk to us on how we can transform your brand in the mind of the ultimate consumer. They have zero fear of spending, are impulsive, spontaneous and ready to buy something and pay for it whenever. Its revenge spending at its best. One phone call and you can go from influencer brand to mass market, or from 723 in your category to the top 50.

Wherever you are in business, now is the time to leverage our network to help your brand grow.

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