January 15, 2022

2021 – 365 battles fought, some days just getting out of bed was a battle. Recorded a few good wins and suffered some losses (Rest in Paradise). On 23rd of December in the US more people flew than in 2019. The trend continues 14m flew this past week, and even with this variant the celebrations and world will continue – this too will also pass.

Wait til you read about the last two years. I can’t even believe so much of this happened. I want to thank everyone who helped me through. Those who constantly checked in and kept me sane. I appreciate and am very grateful to you all.

Despite another year of pandemedia we managed to do lots of deals, made a couple of acquisitions and actually made a small profit. I cannot wait for what we will have to overcome in 2022.

Whatever it is, we will do it while smiling, being optimistic, cheerful, full of faith and positivity. Thank you to all Inkers, ReachTVers, the Stagwell Group and my colleagues and family for putting up with me.

We spend our life sacrificing our health to build our wealth and then spend our wealth to get our health back – that’s my mission for 2022.

Three books in January will surprise you – this is a very early cover of one.

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