An open letter to Bo Sacks
January 17, 2020

Dear Bo Sacks

I love reading your daily emails. Why the hell are they so depressing right now. Why is everyone talking things down. Why don’t we talk the market up, it’s really a great time to be in business. My print is up high single digit in January, and that is a really disappointing start to the year. We can do so much better. More companies are open to spending on great ideas – in whatever medium makes sense. Let’s stop the negative narrative, if people don’t believe in their business with all their heart they should find a company or product that brings out the hunger and desire to make a difference.

Enjoy what you do, be proud of our industry and stop telling yourself it’s hard, it’s not hard.

If you want to know the ingredients for our success buy my book There is No F IN Sales (, yes this is a blatant plug. I want nothing more than a media sector that is booming. All the profits are going to charity so as well as giving you a blueprint for a positive future you are giving back at the same time.

If your employer is not giving you great products and has a real cause to believe in, come to talk to us. We are going to have another bumper year in 2020. Joinus in London, Miami and Singapore.

And we are going to travel the world, having fun doing it.

Simon Leslie

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