After eight weeks away
April 27, 2022

After eight weeks away, I’ve finally landed home in London. I promised myself and my teams that 2022 will be the greatest year for all of us. In order to show the way, I will demonstrate what living to the max looks like. I will remain accountable and will stick to the commitment I made to myself and my team. 31 days of the 365 days this year are gone, I didn’t waste many of them. How about you?

So lets see how it panned out, I woke up on New Year’s Day in Mexico, what a way to start the year, sparkly sand and a bloody Mary cart that just wouldn’t leave me alone. From there I went to Scottsdale where my son and I drove ATVs, shot machine guns and enjoyed the most wonderful food. I popped over to Vegas and had a superb lunch with Chris ‘the greatest negotiator’ Voss. I had brilliant conversations with Sanyika Street, Dan Clark, Coach Micheal Burt, Lucas Jadin and Anthony Riccardi that left me feeling inspired and we talked about how we can work closer together on projects. It’s so nice to be able to hang out with such smart cookies. I secured tickets for the World cup final in Qatar for my family, the biggest task in my letter to my future self.

Miami became my temporary home for the month. I discovered the Turks and Caicos, a new happy place. Playing golf, sailing and even discovered how to play craps. It was a moment to think and brainstorm. Never seen blue waters quite like it. We took 30 people to the Pegasus Cup and watched amazing horse-racing, when Life is Good won the main event, I ended the day in the money, and then the Bengals increased my pot. I love winning.

I published two books, a poetry book Feel Good by themotivationalpoet and White Belt Thinking which is available at Amazon. I was lucky to talk about them on three amazing podcasts interviews, thanks Entrepreneurs on Fire, Media Masters and The All-in CEO. Smoked a few cigars, didn’t drink too much, ate healthier and trained 22 times. Thanks to Kien Vuu and Wade Foster for keeping me accountable. We completed our first deal of the year, with an investment into PlayersTV, an athlete owned media company. My goal is to do one a month.

It wasn’t all sunshine and roses, I missed my sons first professional football game and we actually had a poor commercial month however we definitely sowed the seeds for amazing things to happen in February and beyond.

See you in 28 days for another update and it will be just as full to brim. Here’s something to think about, each day, do we get one more day or do we have one day less to live? Whichever it is, please don’t waste them. PEACE AND LOVE.

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