A New Global Economy
August 30, 2018

The Sky has no limits…

We very much enjoy working with the “world’s local bank” HSBC, but we love them a whole lot more right now because they have just shone a very big, bright light onto the value of our huge global audience of real passengers and consumers in the sky with a new piece of independent research.

They tell us that 11.9 million people are flying around the world each day and they are a soaring economy worth $400.5 billion annually with more than $1.26 billion being added every day! Every single day – just think of that: it’s a proper snapshot of today’s modern, global citizens.

In GDP terms, that makes the sky the 25th biggest “country” in the world, and I think they are undercooking it. It’s really obvious from the report’s findings that airline passengers are also a very desirable customer base for any brand today. They have money, education and spend like no others. So, as we enter the big travel season, isn’t it time to make sure you are targeting this highly affluent bunch of real people, and to get your brand into their hands? These coming months will see more people taking to the skies than ever before. That’s millions of real spenders travelling to airports very close to the shops selling your products, visiting your cities and hotels or people needing your services online. A chance to get high-volume visibility before your competitors do.

Consumer spending in Q4 is always the highest, the market is currently booming, retailers are saying this is best they have seen in years. Well, we have those real consumers on board. This year has seen amazing results for our customers, across multiple categories – so, come and talk to us about getting your brand is front of them. Or, as HSBC says: “Together we thrive”.

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Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/an-economy-in-the-clouds-air-travelers-400-5-billion-economic-contribution-300702595.html

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