A day in the life of a busy executive
January 31, 2020

It dawned on me this morning, that my day yesterday is how a business executive consumes media. I started the day at The World Trade Center, took four Uber’s during the day, had no time to really consume the vast amount noise from advertisers all over the city. On cabs, billboards, in lifts in the hundred of magazines sat in piles on reception tables. They all want my attention and sadly I missed them all. As I rushed to the airport I was looking forward to my glass of wine and sushi, where I sat for two hours in front of the amazing TV channel where the people around me were equally fixated by the content and advertisers. These are hard to reach, affluent, fast moving consumers with money to spend and I spent nearly $100 entertaining myself. As I boarded the flight to Miami I had three hours to relax, unwind and reflect on my day and I did it with my trusted companion the inflight magazine. I so want to go to Delhi now, I want to be able to do the NY times crossword (thanks to person who started it off for me). I also saw the Untuckit shirts I bought in Fifth Avenue just a few days earlier. The brands and I resonate, the Masterclass product which I was given for Christmas, the R M Williams shoes that I own two pairs. On the TV the charities we support are important to my own growth and giving in our business.

I learnt that Rio Grande in Texas could be an interesting place to set up business. And the Holiday Inn hotels want you to feel at home. There is no place like the travel journey to infiltrate your memory banks. If you are not using travel media in your campaigns you are missing out on people like me. Who travel hundreds of times a year, spend in hotels, restaurants and entertaining. I also like to have the latest gadgets, nice things that remind me of places I have visited.

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