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December round-up

It’s done, what a year and what a great 31 days to finish. Alcohol free for a month! It was twelve months living at my highest positive energy, doing my best to inspire others to change the game. To show what’s possible if you put your mind to it. We won some battles, lost others. It was a tough end to the year and we eeked out some Q4 growth. Quite rare for a media business right now. If you wanna know how just ask.

I set myself a goal to enjoy every month of year and learn lessons on how to live at my highest vibrations. The evidence suggests I succeeded.

I started the month at Offline with my good friend Howard Lewis thirty random individuals all with no agenda and a fun evening was had by all. He became the latest to sign the book. He is the king of serendipity. My interview with the Press Gazette came out, what a great conversation. After a week a home, Christmas Partied like champions, we were off again. I had written in my letter to the future about finishing the year watching the World Cup final, and what an amazing final to witness! It was a Messi and Mbappe masterclass. We celebrated at Nobu, Novikov poisoned me and we completed a hatrick of sushi at the Kempinski. Doha was safe, well organised, it lacks smiles, friendly faces and humanity. Staff are scared of doing the right things. We left Doha and flew to Bali to finish the year as per last years letter. Which was closed to Europeans when I wrote it! You have to believe.

Here is my thoughts about year. My word of the year has been progress, it’s hard to navigate and even harder to notice.
Here’s the example of being here in Bali it’s rained every day. We had massages daily, had a personal trainer, a chef, facials, yoga and sound therapy. Yet the thing we focused on was the weather rather than appreciating the amazing rebalancing we were doing. We need to notice all the small things that make up our lives for the better. Even if the whole picture is a little blurred. Never let a snapshot in time be the portrait of your life. As we enter 2023 I am going to spend more time on me, making me a smaller, better version of me, writing my next book and sharing all my beliefs and secrets to living to the maximum. I am grateful to my teams, my family and to everyone who had impact on my life this year. I spent time with some powerful individuals who helped me become this improved version of me.

2023 scares me. For reasons that will become clear soon. Remember opportunities are gift wrapped in problems.
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November Round-up

27 days of magic – 3 days broken. Started the month on the Press Gazette podcast talking about the state of media. Quick change before departing for Vegas, with my two eldest, we had a blast, IVs, magic and light shows and a birthday dinner at Nobu. Dr. Travis W. Fox and Sandy Grigsby also signed the book in very different surroundings. Took the family to watch me on Brad Lea’s Dropping Bombs podcast. After a turbulent Southwest airline flight, in between two very odd people I finally arrived like Jonah in LA. Never seen rain like it. Great breakfast in Manhattan Beach with good news only legend , then on to Sofi Stadium for a day to remember. I had an amazing conversation on the playbook with David Meltzer and he signed his page in Equanimity – diary of a ceo in crisis. If that wasn’t enough I went on the field (pitch)scored a couple of touchdowns and kicked a few field goals. Lovely dinner with the legend that is Nikki Wood, we will work together one of these days.

Breakfast with Jeremy Jennings, lunch with my superhero Dr. Mark Goulston who also signed the book – this book is growing in value.Dinner with my main man Sanyika “The Firestarter” Street to watch Jordan Peterson. Wow that man is so clever we ended the night in the cigar lounge in Inglewood what a fun way to end the evening. Woke up early a cycled along the beach from Santa Monica to Venice nice chance to think about life. Another book signing and wonderful dinner with Tim Storey in Newport Beach. Got the early flight to Virginia to speak to the Governor and talk at their tourism convention. What an amazing reception, so much love in the building. I think my story resonated with so many. Popped into DC to see The Stagwell group. Two days in Miami before taking my 7th flight home.

Back in London good catching up with friends and family. Guess what I converted and had Thanksgiving in London. The push ups challenge broke me at 2750 my back gave in!
I owe you 250 when I recover. Lying in bed for three days gave me time to think and prepare mentally. So many opportunities out there right now.
Mad month, made so much magic happen, shook lots of hands and commercially was very pleased.
Finishing 2022 strong. Enjoy the video. #love #opportunities #change #airlines #equanimity


October Roundup

What an amazing month, it started brilliantly with Arsenal beating Spurs and Liverpool, and still top of the league. Five flights, saw Nashville twice. Worked and spent quality time with Brad LeaCoach Micheal Burt John Lee Dumas Leah Amico OLY Bryan Post Brandon T. Adams and The Real Jason Duncan. I became a gold medalist briefly. Two keynotes and an amazing interview with Adam Carolla. Saw Robbie Williams live in London, I really love my life. My parents got to spend an evening with their 9 grandchildren a beautiful moment and picture.
I’ve got the XPill and I’m gonna take it. And Robert Richman gave me a culture education. My teams broke record after record. I am so proud of all them and the adventures they are embarking upon. Paid out the most commission for over two years! Two days of finding better ways to run a sales floor with the Professor Andy Keith. We made each other better. Beautiful and magical.
Together with Virginia Tourism Corporation and United Airlines we gave a lucky young man an amazing trip to the beautiful State and as the team visited London I organised a little cab to pick them up! Happy clients, happy teams, happy Simon. Only smoked two cigars all month, but they were good uns with great conversations. We made sure over a million passengers had free Wi-Fi sessions in the airports and inflight. I finished today on the BadAss Entrepreneur podcast and unveiled the biggest World Cup promotion with ReachTV and Sport24. We will play all 64 games World Cup games live inflight. All six NFL games played at airport this weekend and now the greatest sporting event on earth all powered by our very own ReachTV. A boyhood dream to work on the biggest sporting occasions.
If you want to work with us, if you want to enjoy super commissions, super colleagues who all wanna win, and help clients do work that gets them real financial results – let’s chat. The 100 press up a day challenge starts tomorrow, if you want to help me raise money for Cancer Research, you can sponsor me.
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